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Transform Your Mindset - Transform Your Health

Our body changes as we age, so should our fitness and nutrition. 

Together, let's create a better quality of life that will lead to a happy, healthy, long life!

During the 14+ years I have been a NASM Certified Wellness Specialist and now Medical Fitness Specialist, I have worked with clients of all ages from as young as 16 to as old as 98.  I have helped clients lower their A1-C and be declared no longer Type II Diabetic/improve insulin sensitivity, return to normal activities after an injury, balance hormones, and so much more.


Do you want to prevent or reverse Type II Diabetes, prevent or slow the progress of Osteopenia and/or Osteoporosis?  Are you peri or post menopausal and want to learn how to balance your hormones and  learn the best methods of exercise specific to you?  Now you can make an appointment with a MedFit Care Doctor to get your Medical Fitness Prescription and pay for my services using your HSA or FSA account.

Use the "Contact Me" link in the header to message me for more information.

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My Mission

My mission is for you to see and feel the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle and helping you to develop good habits for life. Make the commitment to change your life, and I will see to it that, with your dedication as well as my coaching and accountability, you will be able to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

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