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Fitness Bingo Official Rules

Fitness Bingo

Starting on July 1st, you'll have 30 days to fill in all 25 spaces on the Bingo card.

Join my FREE Private Facebook group to register for the game and receive your Bingo card.

You may only fill in one spot per day. Take a selfie or have someone take a photo of you (date included) doing the exercise and post your photo to the group or send it to me in a DM in the Facebook group.

Once you have filled in every space (and be honest, you really have to do the workout), go to Ann's Healthy Lifestyle Group and post a screenshot of your completed card.


Contestants will receive points for participation in the group as well as completing the exercises/workouts on the Bingo card.  The contestant who has the most participation points and fills in all the spaces on his or her card by July 30th, 2021 will take 1st place. 

There will be a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winner to be announced on Monday, August 2nd. The 1st place prize is 6 months FREE access to my fitness and nutrition coaching app. A $2400.00 value! Will you be the 1st place winner?

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