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Online Personal Training Gives You Freedom!

The Facts About Online Training:

1. The difference between Online Training and In-Person Training is that it's all done virtually. You no longer need to schedule in-person training sessions as I upload your workouts at the beginning of the week. It is up to you when you complete these daily workouts and when you fit them in your schedule.

2. You get up to 6 workouts per week all including demo videos showing you how to do each exercise with proper form including verbal queuing.

3. Accountability is easy. For workouts in my private training app, I am notified when you have completed a workout. I send frequent reminders throughout the day if you have not yet completed your workout. I recommend you sync your Fitbit or Apple Watch to the app so I can track your heart rate and energy expenditure. Nutritionally, you are able to sync your MY FITNESS PAL app to my private app, or you may simply take a picture of each meal and upload it to your profile for my review. From there I am able to track your daily menu as well as give you pointers/tweaks as I see fit. Personally, I find the accountability is more prevalent online vs. in person because I am able to watch your every move as well as know that you are working out more than the common 2-3x a week in person.

4. If you go on vacation or travel for work, I create on-the-go workouts for you that can be done anywhere and with no equipment necessary.

5. With the 24/7 two-way messaging in the app I am able to answer all of your questions quickly. With your weekly coaching sessions we can discuss your form, technique, any obstacles you might be having trouble with in your training program as well as set weekly goals.

6. We track your progress with monthly measurements and photo diaries we are able to track your progress throughout your program. My private app will prompt you exactly where to take measurements and how to pose for pictures. These pictures are stored in the app for tracking, only you and I are able to view them.


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Training App Overview

Are you ready to get started on your transformation journey?

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