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Transform Your Mindset - Transform Your Health

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Get REAL Results with this
3-Month Ultimate package!

What's included:

💕 DNA test to determine your muscle fiber type; endurance training response; injury susceptibility; best type of diet for weight management; nutrient deficiencies; sleep and stress.

💕 Initial DNA consultation as well as standard fitness assessments.
💕 Access to my coaching app where we track your habits, nutrition and progress in your profile.
💕 Take additional workouts to the gym using the app

💕 Specialized Core and Corrective  Exercises for optimal movement patterns are included with each session.

💕 Menus and Recipes that will help you reach your goals.

💕 24/7 e-mail access to your Medical Fitness Specialist/Coach with a reply within 24 hours

💕 Option to continue your program with month-to-month payments at a discounted rate.

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